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Are you someone who not only love nurturing plants but also enjoys the sweet serenades of chirping birds, the gentle caress of a slight breeze, and the occasional roar of a passing tractor or semi-truck. If you have or want to become a green thumb, love working outdoors, and a great work ethic, this job might just be your perfect match!

If you are a minor - You can NOT work any more than 28 hours and MUST have to have Minor Work Forms signed by BOTH the school and your parents, prior to your first day at work. Download form below.

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At Bella Terra, we believe in equal opportunities for both genders. While it is true that this position requires nimble fingers and eagle-eyed precision artisan (that would mean the female species), we value the diverse skills and abilities that individuals of all genders bring to the table. So, if you're up for the challenge, we encourage everyone to apply.

Innovation doesn't come in a box

Innovation doesn't come in a box

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