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What is Compost, topsoil, sand, hummus and all their different combinations, and what is right for you? A nutrient-rich soil amendment created for a well balanced application that can help fix the soil you already have on site by adding the right food for your plants, trees, or grass. Allowing adequate drainage and can help acidity imbalances.


Introduction to Soils

Below are organic substances that are jam packed with the nutrients your lawn and plants thrive off of. These dark, crumbly, earthy-smelling materials that gardeners often refer to as "black gold" because of its numerous benefits for soil and plants. There are several types of blends or just the raw materials to help get your yard exactly where it needs to be. Whether you need sand for proper drainage, compost for nutrients, topsoil for leveling out we got you covered!

Benefits of Compost

The benefits of compost are manifold and directly impact soil health and plant growth. Firstly, compost is incredibly nutrient-rich. As organic materials break down, they release nutrients like nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus, which are essential for plant growth. These nutrients are slowly released over time, providing a steady supply that plants can utilize. Additionally, compost improves soil structure. It helps sandy soil retain water and nutrients more effectively and breaks up clay soils, allowing for better root penetration and drainage. This enhanced soil structure also promotes a healthy ecosystem of microorganisms in the soil, which aid in nutrient breakdown and absorption, and can even help protect plants from diseases.


Premium Fine Compost

Elevate the vitality of your garden with our meticulously crafted Fine Compost. It's expertly composted to create a fine, nutrient-dense material that seamlessly blends with your soil.

  • Rich Nutrient Content: Packed with essential nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, this compost is a powerhouse of nourishment for your plants.

  • Fine Texture: Its ultra-fine consistency ensures quick integration and even distribution in the soil, making it perfect for delicate plants and seedlings.

  • Improved Soil Structure: Our fine compost enhances soil aeration and drainage, while increasing water retention for optimal plant growth.

  • Disease Suppression: The healthy microbial activity in our compost helps in suppressing soil-borne diseases.


3 Way Soil Mix

Our 3-Way Garden Soil Mix is crafted for optimal garden performance, combining premium topsoil, forest humus, and sand. It's the ideal choice for seeding, landscaping, and developing robust plant growth.

Key Benefits:

  • Optimal Plant Health: Enhances root development and nutrient uptake.

  • Soil Structure: Improves aeration, drainage, and moisture retention.

  • Versatile Use: Perfect for new lawns, garden beds, and top dressing.

Ideal for those seeking a rich, versatile soil base for their gardening projects.

4 way.jpg

4 Way Soil Mix

The 4-Way Garden Soil Mix is a superior, nutrient-dense blend designed to support all types of garden projects. This mix includes forest humus, premium topsoil, sand, and organic compost, creating a rich foundation for healthy plant growth.

Key Benefits:

  • Comprehensive Growth Support: Formulated for both budding and mature plants, ensuring robust growth.

  • Enhanced Soil Structure: Improves aeration and drainage, while retaining sufficient moisture.

  • Versatility: Ideal for landscaping, vegetable gardens, and flower beds.

  • Sustainable Gardening: Made from organic and natural components, promoting eco-friendly practices.

Ideal for gardeners seeking an all-in-one soil solution to boost plant health and soil vitality.

5 way.jpg

5 Way Soil Mix

Our 5-Way Premium Soil Mix is an blend of compost, forest humus, topsoil, sand, and vital amendments, enriched with pumice and specific soil amendments for optimal plant health. This mix ensures superior drainage and aeration while maintaining an ideal pH balance.

Key Benefits:

  • All-in-One Solution: Combines the trusted base of our 4-Way mix with added benefits for comprehensive plant care.

  • Perfect pH Balance: Adjusted to an ideal pH of 6.8 for diverse planting needs.

  • Enhanced Drainage and Aeration: Pumice inclusion promotes root health and moisture regulation.



Screened Topsoil is refined soil, perfect for various gardening and landscaping projects. It enhances root development and plant vitality, ideal for creating lush gardens and landscapes. It's meticulously processed to remove debris, ensuring uniformity and purity.

Key Benefits:

  • Pure Quality: Free from rocks, roots, and clumps for optimal planting conditions.

  • Enhanced Growth: Promotes healthy root development and plant growth.

  • Versatile Use: Ideal for lawns, gardens, and filling low areas.



Washed Sand, known for its cleanliness and versatility, is a fine, pure sand perfect for construction, landscaping, and gardening projects. It's thoroughly washed and screened to remove impurities, ensuring quality and consistency.

Key Benefits:

  • Purity and Cleanliness: Free from salts, clays, and organic materials, promoting healthier plant growth and stable construction.

  • Versatility: Ideal for concrete mixing, paving, filling, and as a base for laying bricks.

  • Drainage and Compaction: Excellent for drainage projects and compacting under pavers and slabs.

Perfect for achieving smooth finishes and stable foundations in various outdoor projects.

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