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Experience lush and vibrant greenery with our hydroseeding solutions. Our hydroseeding process ensures rapid and uniform grass growth, providing cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional seeding methods.


Hydroseeding is a cutting-edge landscaping solution that not only saves you time but also ensures a lush and healthy lawn. At Bella Terra, we understand the value of a vibrant, green landscape, and hydroseeding is one of our signature services. Our process involves a precise mixture of high-quality seeds, mulch, water, fertilizer, and a specialized bonding agent, creating a slurry that adheres evenly to your soil. This method offers several benefits.

Hydroseeding provides excellent seed-to-soil contact, promoting faster and more uniform germination. Our experts can assess and prepare your soil, conduct soil testing if needed to determine its specific needs, and apply the right fertilizers to optimize growth. This tailored approach ensures that your lawn receives the nutrients it requires for healthy development. Hydroseeding is also cost-effective, covering large areas efficiently and reducing the need for reseeding.

By choosing Bella Terra for your hydroseeding needs, you not only get a head start on achieving a lush and attractive lawn but also benefit from our comprehensive soil expertise and customized care. Transform your outdoor space with our hydroseeding services and enjoy the beauty of a flourishing landscape.

Take a look at some of our standard seed blends, but not to worry, if you need a special specific blend just let us know.

Perennial Ryegrass


This lawn is naturally a Maple Leaf Green in color. It needs FULL SUN! It likes to be mowed at the height of 1.5-2.5 In. To keep this grass looking lush and green, it needs water and fertilizer. Without water it will go into summer dormancy and turn brown in color. Once established, it has a 3.5 In. deep root system which requires more watering and fertilizing than fescue does.

RTF Grass


This lawn is naturally a Dark Fir Tree Green in color. It can only be hydroseeded between April 1st and September 30th. It tolerates FULL SUN TO PART SHADE and is a great option for higher traffic yards, especially if you have children and/or pets. It needs to be mowed when it gets to be 3- 4 In. tall. Its' root system is 6+ In. deep, requiring less watering and fertilizing to maintain than rye grass does. During germination (the first couple weeks following hydroseeding) it requires LOTS of water!

Fine Fesque no mow


This is used in areas that will not be maintained or on banks, slopes and hillsides. It grows to a height of roughly 18 inches and then curls over on itself. It tolerates full sun to partial shade and can only be hydroseeded between April 1st and September 30th.


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