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With a background in construction and farming, Bella Terra was built to deliver landscape results for the contracting world. It's headache-free landscaping with quality, on-time solutions and no babysitting required.

Commercial and residential sprinkler system installation

Sprinkler Systems

From flowerbed bubblers to long distance sprinkler heads, we can dig the ditches and set up the right system for the property so that the landscape we deliver stays beautiful for the long run.

Golf course grass installation


We have multiple hydroseed trucks ready to deliver seed for quick erosion control installation throughout the project, as well as, a final seed install for a variety of property types and large scale needs.

Commercial landscape installation service washingotn

Landscape Installation

We do plantings, rock placement, bark dust, you name it. It's a complete installation per design with an eye for perfection. Get your landscape vision right with Bella Terra.

How We Work


We know construction projects require a lot of coordination and planning to make sure the project goes smoothly. That's why we'll always stand by our on-time promise on every project.

At Bella Terra, it's a rule. We show up when we say we're going to. No excuses.


When we send our people to the project, we expect them to own their work. They're hired and trained with the understanding that they'll offer what they think is the best solution on every project.

No sloppy work; no cutting corners.


We'll always give customers a straight answer. If we think something isn't going to work, we will always shoot straight with you. If an issue comes up on a project, nobody's going to hide. We'll own it, find a solution, and fix it.


When we tackle a landscaping or hydroseeding project at Bella Terra, it's not just about completion; we shoot for exceeding expectations with the end result.

On time, on budget, beautifully executed.

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Get it done right.

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Reliable, head-ache free, landscaping services from a woman owned business. Serving Washington and Oregon.