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SOD, short for sodding, is a quick and convenient way to achieve an instant, lush lawn. It involves the installation of pre-grown grass rolls or squares, creating an immediate carpet of green grass in your outdoor space. With SOD installation, you can transform your outdoor area into a green oasis in no time.


When it comes to achieving an instant, beautiful lawn, SOD grass installation is a top choice. At Bella Terra, we understand the desire for an immediate green oasis, and SOD is one of our specialized services that can transform your outdoor space rapidly. SOD, or sodding, involves the installation of pre-grown grass rolls or squares, providing an instant carpet of green.

One of the key advantages of SOD installation is its instant gratification - you can enjoy a fully established lawn in a matter of hours. But that's not all! We go the extra mile by offering comprehensive services to ensure the success of your SOD lawn. Our experts also can prepare your soil, conduct thorough soil testing to determine its specific needs, and apply the right fertilizers for optimal growth. This tailored approach sets the foundation for a vibrant and enduring lawn.

Additionally, SOD provides excellent erosion control, reduces dust, and improves air quality while enhancing the aesthetics of your property. Whether it's for a residential or commercial space, Bella Terra's SOD installation services not only deliver an immediate green lawn but also include expert soil preparation and care, ensuring that your new lawn thrives for years to come. Transform your outdoor space effortlessly with SOD installation from Bella Terra.

Perennial Ryegrass SOD


Introducing our premium SOD, a lush and resilient three-way blend. Maple Leaf Green in color. This SOD variant offers a thick, verdant lawn with a blend that ensures robust growth and durability. Ideal for creating an instantly appealing green space, it combines the ease of SOD with the hardy characteristics of perennial rye, making it perfect for both residential and commercial properties seeking a quick, yet long-lasting lawn solution.



Experience the lush, vibrant beauty of our Established SOD, the perfect complement to our endurable fescue hydroseed. This premium SOD offers a dense, green lawn instantly, ideal for those seeking immediate and robust ground coverage. It's expertly cultivated to ensure durability and resilience, providing a consistently beautiful outdoor space with minimal maintenance. Perfect for residential or commercial landscapes, our Established SOD is a hassle-free solution to achieve a professionally manicured lawn effortlessly.


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